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How can you manage, what you do not measure?

WasteTracker was created by Real Estate experts for Real Estate experts to provide relevant ESG data on waste production in buildings.
We understand that occupiers need to report their carbon footprint associated with waste and they are / will soon be demanding data that accurately represents their waste production in kilograms and CO2e.
WasteTracker is a WiredScore Accredited Solution, it provides points in GRESB and was designed according to the directive EU 2022/2464 for ESG reporting and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards Guidelines described by ESRS E5.

In one click!

WasteTracker is a „plug&play” solution, designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Installing it on your site should take not more than 1 hour and is always assisted by our Client Success Lead.

WasteTracker is built with:
  • Terminal - weighing platform integrated to 15.6” touchscreen, which only works after personal identification via access cards from your building. Waste can be easily registered by cleaning personnel in one click.
  • Web Admin Panel - for administration and reporting to which both Property Manager and occupier themselves get access.

Our common responsibility.

The responsibility for waste reduction and caring for the natural environment is not only our duty but a common goal. In today's times, as concern for our planet becomes increasingly important, the role of property managers encompasses not only effective building management but also care for the environment surrounding us.

Through cooperation and joint initiative, we can play a significant role in reducing waste production.  This cannot be achieved without reliable data and tools to accurately measure progress.
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Meet our Founders

Renata Hartle

Smart Building Expert, with over 14 years of international experience with Skanska and Colliers. In her roles she was responsible for creating innovation strategies, designing and implementing integrated building platforms, and introducing new standards to the market.
Tomasz Felczyk

Former CTO of a subsidiary of one of the largest real estate developers in Central and Eastern Europe. He has shaped software architecture and led technology research initiatives. He has an eye for cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the PropTech sector.